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Voici comment broder un motif « chrysanthème » traditionnel sur une mari divisée en 8 Divisions Simples.
Here is how to embroider a motif traditional the “chrysanthemum” on a “Mari” divided in 8 equal and simple parts.

1) put the pins at about 1/3 to ¼ from the EQ (equator) on the marks between NP (NorthPole) and EQ. tart to embroider with a herringbone stitch (see picture) .

Tirer le fil pour faire rentrer le nœud sous les fils.

Pull on the thread to hide the knot under all the treads.

2) do the 2nd half of the stitch like this (see pic)

Attention, ne pas trop tendre le fil de broderie !

Be careful not to pull the tread too much !!!

3) embroider like that all the sections up to the starting point.

Avec un fil de couleur différente et une autre aiguille (ne pas désenfiler la première aiguillée, mais la piquer vers le PS de façon à ce qu’elle ne gêne pas) ou avec le même fil et la même aiguille, mais bien marquer le repère de départ.

With a different colour tread and an other needle (do not unthread the 1st needle, but store it somewhere near the SP so it won’t be in the way) or with the same thread and the same needle, but be careful to put a mark at the starting point.

4) come out with your needle under the previous mark of the starting point to do the 2nd row of herringbone stitches. (I did use a different colour thread in this example)

5) Keep going with the herringbone stitch all around going on the top of the previous row.

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