Pat Winter Comfort Doll Project

Les comfort doll arrive petit à petit chez Pat Winter

celle de Sylvie
celle de Fanchon

toutes les autres et Vous ?

Vous en êtes où ?

Comfort kitties by Linda Boudreau

Adria,Pam's Mom
Alison McDougal of NZ
Allie Aller of WA
Ati Ham Sas of Norway
Carol Anne Conway of England
Cat Baumgartner of Utah
CC Peyton of HI
Charlene Ogle of SC
Chris from AU
Courtney Prudhomme of LA
Dy Taylor of AU
Eliane of France
Fanchon of France
Freda Butler of IL
Gerry Hookstra of TX
Grace Danel of IN
Jackie Young of IL
Jo Newsham of New Zealand
Jo Tee of New Mexico
Joy McCarty of NZ
Judy Grant of MI
Julie Tottey of England
Kathy Vorenberg of New Mexico
Kirsten Schmidt of Germany
Lilla LeVine of Hawaii
Linda Barraclough of Vic Australia
Linda Boudreau of Nova Scotia,CA
Linda Feuge of NY
Mai-Liis Peacock of Texas
Mamie Simone of France
Marja Visser of The Netherlands
Marjorie Holme of IL
Mary Lear of Louisiana
Maureen Bond of AU
Monica Magness
Monique Vincent of France
Nathalie Locquen of France
Pam Kellogg of IL
Pat Winter of In
Ronda Kivett of AZ
Sammy Stafney of Oregon
Sandy Mannen
Sandy of CA
Sherry Wade of GA
Sue Brown of WA
Sylvie Leandre of France
Terri Takacs of Conn
Vanessa Hall of KY
Wendy Shu of Singapore

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